Planet Earth compared to Planet Iran, worlds apart

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20 April 2006 08:59

We are worlds apart from Iran.  We have planet Earth (Planet Normal) and then we have Planet Iran.  I am doing some research on the female dress codes in Iran.  This was spurred on largely from this article I came across recently:


Tehran, Iran, Sep. 06 – Women who violate Iran’s strict Islamic dress code will be flogged immediately, prosecutor’s offices in provincial centres announced on Tuesday.

In the central Iranian city of Shahin-Shahr, the prosecutor’s office posted huge notices on billboards and shop windows warning women that dress code violators will appear before an Islamic judge immediately after arrest to receive a sentence, usually 100 lashes in public. The prosecutor will be demanding maximum penalties, the notice warned.

Planet Iran has their women flogged for dressing wrong.  Planet Normal has women who strut in mini skirts and plunging neck lines… at the office.  No wonder they want to destroy us.

What would happen if a US tourist walked down main street Tehran in a mini skirt?  Anyone know?  I don't.

Now, just for kicks, I present you with "contraband" Iranian "porn".  On Planet Normal, this is rated PG at worst.  Take a look at what "X rated" pictures look like on Planet Iran.

Click here to see the Top ten most sexy Iranian women on the planet:

Iranian men, sexually frustrated?  Click

to see an apparant black market for family photos of a famous Iranian actress.


Family photos of Hedyeh Tehrani, famous iranian actress, are so hot these days in Iran. (There are even fake photos). I don't know who has published these photos on the Net and what was his or her real purpose. What I do know, however, is that these photos have nothing unsual for a non-iranian viewer. Meanwhile I'm sure that Iranian people find it extremly unusual, hot and even erotic. This is because nobody in Iran has ever seen her body or her hair in a film or even in public, for Islamic laws prevent Iranian women to apear in public without covering their body and their hair

Just amazing. 


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25 April 2006 14:36

The level of religious ferver is directly proportional to the level of sexual repression.