Total materialist?
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I understand that Sam Harris had spent some time in the Far East studying Buddhism and Hinduism. I wonder about his view on these ‘religions’. Does he mediate often? Does he mediate not simply to de-stress himself but a quest for something?

Quantum Physics’ so called weirdness seem to suggest that this reality that we are in is merely an illusion, a hologram projected from the event horizon of black holes; 3 dimensional data stored as 2 dimensions, whatever that means. What is Sam Harris view on that?

Is he a total materialist? I don’t know what “spiritual” really means but if all data is conserved according to the law of conservation i.e. no data/energy can be destroyed, what is Sam Harris view on consciousness continuity (even consciousness can be explained as physical)?

I am an atheist if need labeling. I am also exploring the relationship between Quantum Physics, the String theory, the unified theory of interaction: gravitation, electrodynamics and the strong force and their impact on Sam Harris’ world view, if any.

I found debates and speeches from Sam Harris on debunking organized religion. I admire his wit, his articulation and stamina.

I would love to find out his thoughts on the above subjects. Have he revealed any and if so, where can I find them?


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