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02 June 2011 10:59

I recently found out that Sam has been sponsoring Inarah.

Sam is really doing the right thing here (although he believes that he can’t really do anything, since he has no free will;-)) I believe Sam is the genuine author of his decision and therefore I shall praise him!

Inarah is a group of international scholars who want to shed light on the early history of Islam and in particular the understanding of quran. They believe that the early history as recorded in muslim history books (Sirat and Hadith) is most definitely wrong.

The group comprises many famous scholars such as Ibn Warraq and Christoph Luxenberg (both pseudonyms.)

If you want to find out about the early history of Islam according to scientific scholarship, then I urge you to get one of their books. “The syro-aramaic reading of the quran” or “The hidden origins of Islam”

Unfortunately, many of their publications are in German or French. But, more is being translated and published in English.

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18 November 2012 05:35

thank you so much