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26 April 2006 14:41

[quote author=“frankr”]I say that you are infallible because you make universal statements that you cannot prove but which you claim to know as truth. “The Pope cannot be infallible.” If there is empirical evidence for its truth then please share it.

So by denying both the Immaculate Conception and original sin you are saying that everyone is born free of the effects of original sin except for Mary. I am sure this makes sense to you.

You’re the one making the universal statement that the pope is infallible. I’m saying that no human being is capable of being infallible- it’s pretty much understood. Everyone is born free of religion until you tell them they’re horrible (including Mary).

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26 April 2006 15:24

I see your re butt and raise it by a
de bunk…

cop this… 

Will this little child go to hell for dressing up as the dead pope?

you have to watch it!!!! LOL

pope is infallible…...of course he is…catholics say he is then so he is….. LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL