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10 March 2005 02:12

No amount of discussion about woman’s issues is going to convince CA; someone who believes the fetus is a human life that has rights.  To him, abortion is no different than killing anyone else simply for the reason their existance may be an inconvience to you or hold you back economically, etc.
In a way I can sympathize with that viewpoint.  As a secularist, I feel human life should be treated with a little more respect and value than it usually gets, and its hard not to regard a fetus as such.  Making claims about the fetus’s inability to survive on its own or its cellular under development could demonstrate all the more its need to be protected.  Its not capable in any way of defending itself.  There is something rather murderous about abortion, but less and less so as the abortion approaches conception and that life looks more and more like bacteria…
I know this does little to advance the discussion.  My general feelings are that I’m personaly against abortion, but I also feel states sould have almost nothing to say about the matter.  If you give the state the power to say a woman can or can’t have an abortion, you are giving that state the hypothetical power to say you must have an abortion.