Please bar treblinka for spam and irrelevant rants

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29 May 2006 20:55
[quote author=“Humble Servant”]Have a happy, safe Memorial Day weekend. smile

Had one. The weather was spectacular. Did nothing. Ate out. Barbequed. Took long naps. Started reading The DaVinci Code. Got to the part where the Langdon is with Fache and the sultry cryptologist walks up and hands a message to Langdon from the US Embassy, but (dramatic music)....the message actually goes to the cryptologist’s answering machine and the message tells Langdon that he is in danger…...ouuuuu dan dan dannnn (spooky music).

How much you want to bet that sparks are going to fly between Langdon and this 32 year old hottie?

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30 May 2006 03:45

What a thriller!... and no, he doesn’t do her.  no sparks, just professional and intellectual excitement!  i liked it!  good movie.  and with matinee tickies at $5, my wife and i were able to have a nice dinner at outback afterwards.  the prime rib was oozing that ole “sang real” of a holy cow!  hope everyone had a great weekend!

The Agnostic Gnostic
The Agnostic Gnostic
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30 May 2006 05:36

Here’s a good article by reknowned skeptic Michael Shermer on Holocaust denial and free speech.


If you don’t like what someone is saying and don’t want to engage in a dialogue (or in the case of treblinka, realize there’s no point in trying to engage in a dialogue), just tune them out.

However, spamming a forum is another matter.  Repeatedly posting the same long post regardless of whether it’s on topic should elicit a response from the forum moderator (if there is one).

The AG

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30 May 2006 15:35

I am so enjoying raking his jew hating sorry sack of manure over the coals on that holocaust revision thread in judaism forum.

I have plenty more up my sleeve.  I need just a few more posts to really make him look like a donkey’s rear end.

oh I just saw what AG wrote:

However, spamming a forum is another matter. Repeatedly posting the same long post regardless of whether it’s on topic should elicit a response from the forum moderator (if there is one).

And I do agree with that.  annoying.


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30 May 2006 19:07


Could everyone take a minute to try something, please? The little *red exclamation point at the top right of each post is supposed to allow us to report spam and abuse. If you would, click on that icon in treb’s posting above, and report it as spam/offensive crapola, whatever. I’m not sure what has kept our Moderator away for this long, but maybe a gusher of complaints would generate a response.

Frankly, I think the FBI and CIA probably peeks in on us more often than the Mod does. I wish I knew how to take advantage of such lack of supervision :?. Maybe a big kegger party, where we roast our spammer on the spit, rotisserie-style? Not that I’m hungry . . . but we could feed the meat to stray animals. If they’re desperate enough.

* EDIT: I just tried to use that ! function—no go. I get an error code. Instead, I clicked to email the Mod. Hope you do the same.