Mohammed Epileptic?

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23 May 2006 23:22

I read something from the Koran that sounded a lot like symptoms from my friend's epileptic sister. Here's the verse, and a list of symptoms.

The Hadith
"Mohammed would hear ringing in his ears; his heart would beat rapidly; his face turn red; his breathing labored; he would fall to the ground or lie down; he would shake; his eyes would open wide; his lips tremble; spit drool from the corners of his mouth; he would sweat profusely; he saw and heard things no one else ever saw or heard; he would sometimes make a snoring noise like that of a camel; and he would be covered with a sheet."

List of Symptoms for Epilepsy:
Muscle spasms
Strange sensations
Strange emotions
Strange behavior

Symptoms for temporal lobe epilepsy:
Sudden behavior changes
Unusual behavior
Aggression, Anger, Agitation

Symptoms for focal epilepsy:
Localized muscle spasm
Whole-body muscle spasm
No loss of conciousness

Symptoms of prodrome for convulsions:
Changed hearing
Visual disturbances
Smell sensations
Mood changes
Muscle pain
Muscle tremor

It seems pretty convincing to me, but maybe a real doctor, scientist can enlighten me.

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23 May 2006 23:38

Im no medical doctor but it sounds like he was , same symptoms . interesting . never thought of that .  smile

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24 May 2006 06:40

That has been a theory for years.

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24 May 2006 16:55

here i remembered some things and found you links

this one is about the first person to insinuate he might have been epileptic, notice that this is pretty soon after his death, but not verifiable.

here is a more general article on transcendance and epilepsy

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02 June 2006 01:32

was almost certainly epileptic…why not the Prophet…