Sam Harris Rocks :)
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I heard about sam harris from my online philosophy discussion group ( based around 'consolations of philosophy' by alaine de botton' ) and must say I am VERY happy to find someone is out there saying that religion is bunk but spiritualism,meditation etc. has something about it.

My philosophy group is at

If anyone else has read that book, i find 'us' type of folk tend to have stuff in common.

Will be back to read other threads and comment but have to go now.

See ya guys

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See ya then, Jason, and welcome wink!



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ta mia, I particularly liked this radio interview.

It is nice to hear sam recognise that something can be felt from meditation, nature,music, some kind of spiritual thing but that does not mean the religions are true.

Ray Billington came to give a talk at my philosophy group recently

and you could tell he was trying to ‘square the circle’ and not just say ‘its all bunk’.  He recognised how churches,music,nature can make us feel something but it is hard to define what it is.

Richard Dawkins is funny when he goes about saying ‘its all tosh and nonsense’ but he discounts any possible god which, considering the size of the universe, makes no sense to me.

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