Evolution takes a beating, live coast to coast!

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14 April 2005 12:56

[quote author=“TheChampion”]“Be not lukewarm or I will spit you out of my mouth!”

Is this another literal passage from the bible. When you die, god eats you? Or perhaps he just swishes you around in his mouth and gargles?

[quote author=“TheChampion”]Can’t be a Christian and love the world.

Isn’t there a passage you like to sport around called John 3:16, which begins something like “For God so loved the world…”. Sounds like Jesus loved the world, so if you want to be like him, then bring on the love.

If you are a good representative of christian mindset, then mostly they just hate.

Conservative Atheist
Conservative Atheist
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14 April 2005 13:49

[quote author=“TheChampion”]Conservative Atheist, extreme brand of Christianity? Is there any other kind? “Be not lukewarm or I will spit you out of my mouth!”

Either you are a Christian or you are not. You believe in the resurrected Christ, or not. You look forward to the second coming, or not. You want to live holy, or not. You lean on God for everything, or not.

Can’t have it both ways. Can’t be a Christian and love the world. Can’t serve God and money. Can’t be a Christian and not hate sin. Can’t be a Christian and not grieve for the unbelievers.

(catch my drift?)


However, there are many Christians that do believe in all of the things that you list above but do not reflexively and impulsively deny the validity of scientific theories and the overwhelming supporting evidence. 

Why is it that only you and your extreme far right Christian fundies are so insecure in your beliefs that you must reject objective truth in order to protect your myths? 

It must be pretty scary to be that insecure!

I get your drift…......You are rapidly drifting over the edge of your flat earth!

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14 April 2005 15:15

[quote author=“TheChampion”]
I was talking about loving the world, not scientific data. I think everyone appreciates the work that scientists do. It is rather exciting. Technology is wonderful.

I do reject scientific theories that upsurp the authority of God.

If God is real, how can science upsrup (sic) her? If God is real, science can’t make a true statement that disproves her existence.

I guess math is the only safe science.

Of course there are problems with the other sciences:

Chemistry - carbon dating
Biology - Evolution
Physics - Cosmology
Geology - disproves the flood

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Conservative Atheist
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15 April 2005 08:53
[quote author=“TheChampion”]If evolution can be debunked so easily, then why is the scientific community still supporting it? They’ve turned logic on its head!

Champ, you and your creationist/ID crazies saying over and over again that “evolution can be debunked so easily” does not make it so and only puts your ignorance on public display to draw the ridicule that it richly deserves.

Unfortunately, for you and your kind, nothing other than ignorant superstition and pseudo-science supports creationism or intelligent design.

The fact is, there has never been EVEN ONE scientific paper published in ANY recognized peer-reviewed journal that supports creationism or intelligent design or “debunks evolution”. There is simply no objective evidence that supports your a lunatic “theory”.

If ANY such results were ever published and able to stand up to the scientific standards of evidence, science would immediately abandon evolution…........but, that has not happened for the obvious reason!

Put up or shut up!

[quote author=“TheChampion”]Creationism was the norm up until last century. This new stuff can hardly be a suitable replacement for the old stuff. In this case, the new shoes don’t fit,....so you must aquit! (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Also “the norm” before the last century were such things as treating infections with leeches rather than antibiotics, death by smallpox, life-long crippling from polio, and life expectancies of less than 50 years.

Also, before the last century, there were no telephones, radios, televisions, computers, automobiles, airplanes, satellites, etc., etc., etc…….all the direct result of the successful application of scientific research and theory.

What you creationist/ID idiots do not acknowledge is that by denying evolution and embracing the supernatural, you are also denying ALL OF SCIENCE and its obvious validity as demonstrated by our modern technology on a daily basis! 

How stupid is that?

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15 April 2005 13:59

God only has good plans for you, my friend, not bruises or scars. Life may give us scars, bumps, bruises, let downs, failures, but he’s always there to heal the wounds, reset the course, and put us on the right path.

Why is it the Christians say things like this and never offer any aplogies for the cruelties?

Stay Well


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15 April 2005 15:31

[quote author=“TheChampion”]“Be not lukewarm or I will spit you out of my mouth!”

I ask again, is this another passage from the bible to be taken literally?

[quote author=“TheChampion”]I think you have errored with the context. In John 3:16, we’re talking about the world at large, the people of the world. What I was talking about is…

(omitting litany of pseudo-historical crap I was bombarded with during 12 years of catholic school)

...the world system itself. John, writes “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If any one loves the world, love for the Father is not in him…”

...Jesus confronts the Jewish leaders who do not believe on him… the reason they do not receive or believe on Jesus is that they ... love the world—the glory of men, not the glory of God.

Isn’t it your belief that the “word of god as revealed in the bible” is enough for anyone to be transformed? Do you believe it is necessary for people to be coerced or forced into living their lives in a manner conforming to these “words of god”? I’m asking because right now there are people who are trying to forcibly inject religious dogma into our nation’s legal and education systems. From your arguments, I presume you are in full agreement with them.

These people clearly have more faith in the power of the government of man than in the “word of god”. We are constantly deluged by men and women preaching from the bible in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, movies, billboards, indeed every conceivable form of media. The right to do so is guaranteed by the first amendment and uncontested. But still this isn’t enough. The expressed desire of religious conservatives is to have our government endorse and enforce the biblical “word of god”. By your own argument and the words of Jesus you quoted, these people “love the world—the glory of men, not the glory of God.” This is especially apparent in the way their chief spokesmen inevitably wrap their arguments in the most patriotic language, even as they seek to thwart the clear language of the Constitution.

Anyone who really believes what you are preaching, would not force god’s laws into secular government, not to mention science. Nor would they support those who are trying to do just that.

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17 April 2005 13:54

That the peekapoo, fox terrier, saint bernard, etc., evolved from the wolf is 100% certainty.  That humans have evolved from primates is just as obvious..

The christian alternative,,, god created Adam, and from Adam, bada bing bada boom, we now live in a world full of black, white, Asian, polynesian, etc., peoples?

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17 April 2005 15:36

I do reject scientific theories that upsurp the authority of God.

How can a scientific theory usurp the authority of God?

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23 May 2005 07:18

Hi Guest, the thread is so long, which interview are you referring to? The one I mentioned in the original post?

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27 June 2005 11:22

That Mr. Medvid. Thank God for the eloquent defenders of truth.

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29 June 2005 02:18

1 million Jews left Egypt and lived in the desert for 40 years, with only 3 high priests to meet the religious needs of everyone.
Or according to the bible, there were 7 million people living in the lands of Canaan around the time of Joshua.
Today there are only 5 million people living in Israel/Palastine.

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10 August 2005 15:35

List of common fallacies

You don’t need to take drugs to hallucinate; improper language can fill your world with phantoms and spooks of many kinds.

-Robert A. Wilson

Or, you can always be TheChumpion.

Science attempts to apply some of the following criteria:

1) Skepticism of unsupported claims

2) Combination of an open mind with critical thinking

3) Attempts to repeat experimental results.

4) Requires testability

5) Seeks out falsifying data that would disprove a hypothesis

6) Uses descriptive language

7) Performs controlled experiments

8 ) Self-correcting

9) Relies on evidence and reason

10) Makes no claim for absolute or certain knowledge

11) Produces useful knowledge

Pseudoscience and religion relies on some of the following criteria, the same hot-mustard leech medication TheChumpion should only be given, because that’s the kind of science he likee:

1) Has a negative attitude to skepticism

2) Does not require critical thinking

3) Does not require experimental repeatability

4) Does not require tests

5) Does not accept falsifying data that would disprove a hypothesis

6) Uses vague language

7) Relies on anecdotal evidence

8 ) No self-correction

9) Relies on belief and faith

10) Makes absolute claims

11) Produces no useful knowledge Well, it does explain why there are religious cults in the world.

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10 August 2005 20:50

[quote author=“TheChampion”]It’s started in the heartland….and it will expand out, hopefully until Evolution is no longer taught.


A quick glance at the ads on that page give a quality-control message on its “substantive” content. Moreover, the headline didn’t match the content of the article, which was decidedly less certain.

You likely should have viewed ABC’s Nightline tonight. The advocate for ID was Cal Thomas, and the counterpart for science was George Will. Talk about an unequal contest!


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10 August 2005 22:57

washington journel on C-span had a couple of people answering questions too yesterday.

One from Americans United, and one from Liberty Council

The most interesting thing was the Pro-ID person kept harping on how it was only “fair” to teach both “theories”, since evolution was “controversial” and one caller had an unusual idea of “fair”.

He suggested it would be “fair” to teach also then all controversial subjects and issues with Christianity.

I have been musing on this, and wondering how the Christians would like a comparative religion course and religious history course.

I think it would be a good thing to move this from college level to say hmm, the sixth grade.

Let’s really let kids decide for themselves after presenting them with ALL the alternatives = )

After all, freedom belongs to the well educated.

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11 August 2005 18:00