....in His own image.

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17 March 2005 01:21

I know that someone has posted a sign saying "Please dont't feed the Christians" but I have some questions and this seems like the place to ask them. I'm sure that TChamp or someone like him can help me.

I am sure that somewhere in the Bible is the statement that "God made man in His own image." I am trying to understand on a personal level what this means. Somehow, in some way a part of me is made in the image of god, where, what part? The obvious place to start is with the body but it is hard to imagine that god has toes, hairy legs and is made of blood, bile, piss and spit. But I suppose that it is possible, this would mean that I am some kind of 'mini-me' version of god. Somehow I dont' think that this is what the Bible is saying. The next place to look is the mind. We all know what the mind of man is capable of and there are plenty of instances in the Bible where god has displayed the same charcteristics. He has slaughtered whole cities including seemingly innocent women and children. He gets very angry, is spiteful, and acts of jealosy. He is vindictive, cruel and capricious, many times lashing out severely punishing people for no reason at all. Maybe this what the Bible means, that man acts just like god. But I can't bring myself to believe that the mind of man is made in the image of god. surely god is better than that. So what's left, I really don't know, so maybe some of you learned Christians can point me in the right direction. I don't mind if you quote a little scripture but I am more interested in your personal experience of those qualities present in me which reflect the image of god. What better way to affirm the existence of god than to make close personal contact. Keep in mind that if all you can do is quote scripture at me then you will have failed because this will tell me that your knowledge of god is just theoretical book learning, or should I say 'good book' learning which I consider useless.

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17 March 2005 03:21

[quote author=“JustThis”]I know that someone has posted a sign saying “Please dont’t feed the Christians” but I have some questions and this seems like the place to ask them. I’m sure that TChamp or someone like him can help me.

Sorry. Saw this and couldn’t help myself. [Man what am I the christian feeder police???]

I’m just conviced TChamp can’t help anyone (except to maybe bolster another fundy overcome doubt!).  The poster known as Ordinary has put forth some reasonable questions/statements so maybe he/she could be of help.  But please, please, please don’t look for rationality from TChamp!


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17 March 2005 04:50

Since god is an exploded-planet (Sumerian) or geocentric flood of meteorites to ancient Egyptians (Genesis 6:4 - Nefilim), when the bible writers say, IMHO, that we are made in god’s image, we are made from “clay” (i.e. the earth) which is the “same” as a meteorite from “the heavens”.  So, I think that it’s of the same thing when Jesus says (actually others say, he only affirms) he is the “son of man” or the “seed of man”.