How about some funny?
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How about posting or linking to any comedy (video, audio, texts etc) that pokes fun at dogma - especially religious dogma… ?

Good idea? Ok, well I'll start:

- The Daily Show's Evolution Schmevolution and others on the ID theme:

- Curb Your Enthusiasm, short video clip:


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Jesus and satan trying to win the guy drawing the comic over to their side.
about 200 strips.

George Carlin on religion
Old classic.


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Audio sketches from the now defunct Morning Sedition and The Marc Maron Show from Air America Radio:
Select Rapture Watch from the drop down menu.

“The Bible’s Book of Revelations portends the end of days and the second coming of the Christian Messiah (one of our President’s favorite stories). Though no one knows when the end times will come, there are signs that will appear to men. That’s why we present this week’s Rapture Watch with Milf Cardinal Milfington (Jim Earl) of the recently disgraced Diocese of whatever. Your Grace…”

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