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19 October 2006 08:46

p.s.  How about letting Sam and Dawkins get a word in edgewise next time.

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24 October 2006 13:57

i might be wrong, but i think Colbert was poking fun at catholics, as he often does, and he says he is one, but i think his beliefs are a far cry from the vatican dogma.

i saw Dawkins on the show and thought it was ok, for what it is - anyone going on has to know it’s not going to be serious, it’s mostly about the laughs.

Colbert gets the laughs by staying in character, by continuing the false persona of the far-right american dogmatist, and by doing and saying things that by the ir exaggerated nature draw attention to just how silly their positions are. 

In effect, he gave credence to Dawkins by adopting the “you’re going to hell for writing this” attitude, because it’s the caricature that resonates with his audience.