Mother Theresa

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11 November 2006 21:40

Do not speak ill of the dead, they are not here to defend themselves.

Some of the dead of whom we may not speak ill: MT, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot

Missionary: a prosteltyzer who goes out among the heathens and so thoroughly offends that they are slaughtered, leaving the legions of the civilized nations no choice but to invade the heathen lands and make it safe for imperialism..errr civilizaition.

Lu MacKie
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12 November 2006 05:19
[quote author=“frankr”]Some atheists and christian alike believe in the natural law. They think there are things that are not done. One of them is to slander and speak ill of the dead.

If some people get away with “murder” during life, and it is discovered after their death and not before that they got away with a criminal offense, then I see no problem with speaking ill of the dead. :!: