The Speech that Senator Kerry Never Made

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04 April 2005 12:50

Here is a chance to contribute to the defense of a young Marine Lt. who is being falsely accused of murder by another Marine whom the Lt. demoted.

Lt. Pantaro is a local kid, lives here in Wilmington.  The Legion had a fish fry for his defense fund.  Here is the url for you to contribute, if you wish to, after looking into his story.


Thank you for your consideration,


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04 April 2005 18:22

Hmm, I am not sure I support this, I would have to read alot more and know more facts, in effect, I trust the court to do justice since I have no idea what actually went on, however from reading this entire article, I see no reason to support this kind of action or person.

What happened next cost both Iraqis their lives, and now, nearly a year later, has Pantano fighting for his. On Feb. 1, the Marine Corps charged Pantano with at least seven violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including two counts of premeditated murder. According to the charge sheet filed by the Marines, Pantano killed both Iraqis—who turned out to be unarmed—by shooting them in the back with his M-16. Pantano is also charged with “willfully and wrongfully” damaging the Iraqis’ automobile by smashing its headlights, taillights and rear window. Finally, Marine prosecutors say, he desecrated the bodies of the dead, still inside the car, by placing a sign on the roof that said, in the words of General Mattis, NO BETTER FRIEND, NO WORSE ENEMY. Pantano will face a preliminary hearing, probably in April, that will decide whether his case will be referred to a general court-martial. If that happens and he is found guilty, he will face a long prison sentence or even, possibly, the death penalty. The severity of the charges—and the vociferousness of Pantano’s defense, led by his family and backed by fellow Marine officers, Fox News diehards and New York prep-school alums—means that the trial will be one of the most closely watched of any to come out of the Iraq war. The preliminary hearing will be open to the public and so, most likely, will a general court-martial, should it occur. “This one will get tried on TV,” says a former military lawyer, “not at some small base in the middle of nowhere.”