It's time to stop electing Popes

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03 April 2005 03:13

Not that this will happen in the foreseeable future.  But it needs to happen if we as inquisitive, educated humans are ever to evolve past our religious fears.  What is the pope other than being a pop star of catholicism? Why don't we let the judges on American Idol elect the next one?  Would that not guarantee one with charisma, charm, and a great singing voice?

But seriously folks.  I can't help but laugh when I see the costumes and pageantry of what passes for normal in the Vatican.  And by extension, in any Roman Catholic church.  I don't claim to understand all of what Catholics believe when it comes to the Papacy, but it's apparently something like the Pope is the living embodiment of Jesus?  Someone please correct me if I'm way off.  The catholic faith is just too easy to pick on, and the pedestal on which it places an old man wearing a big silly hat just perpetuates the comedy routine.  The catholic church is a relic that refuses to accept current thinking, instead maintaining a mind set that keeps women subservient to men, scares people into avoiding birth control, and maintains that exorcism is still a valid ritual.  Why can't we move into the 21'st century??

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03 April 2005 03:31

I believe the pope sits on the “throne of St. Peter.”  At least they recognize evolution, and some of science.