The "type" you intellectuals should fear

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17 April 2005 09:48

This is where I become confused.  Do these people then avoid all use of technology?  Do they drive?  Do they believe God motivates their vehicles through their Faith, or simply that God put Fire in Gasoline?  How do we get this Gasoline anyway? (And I ‘m not talking about immoral Wars.)  What is the process?  Is it like transubstantiation?
How can one deny Reason, as so many do, when it’s byproducts are the very things we have learned to depend upon to live in our relatively comfortable modern world, and when it is the very process by which we must interact with the world around us?
That’s one leap of Faith that seems to go right over a sheer, tall cliff.

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17 April 2005 10:03

I agree. All I can do is refer you to cognitive science. A good start might be an old tried-and-true:
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, by Julian Jaynes. Most any good used bookstore will have a dusty copy somewhere. (By the way, that’s the title—not the first chapter.)

Anyway, Jaynes uses writings of Homer (who some call the first lasting writer of fiction) to examine ways that people have developed from unquestioning followers to something more rational. (I’m not going to call any modern human completely rational.)

My point is that our brains were apparently put together in ways that allowed much cognitive dissonance. We retain some of the skill of being able to ignore validity while repeating senseless mantras over and over in our heads.

Sorry if I’m mangling Jaynes’ points, but that’s my very abbreviated take on him.