Julia Sweeney in Tinsel Town
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For anyone who will be in Los Angeles on Christmas day (also performed on other dates): (from the L.A. Times) "Letting Go of God,"  Julia Sweeney's scathing, hilarious new solo show about losing her religion, is after more than cheap disdain.  Instead, in her challenging, disarmingly honest testimony, it's clear that she takes questions of faith more seriously than do many of the faithful.

Hudson Backstage Theater 8:00 p.m. (323.960.4420)

I am new to this board and cannot give it the attention it deserves, but feel strongly about the volcanic eruptions of toxic faith clouding our skies.  More after the holidays!


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Julia Sweeney is the subject of an article here:  

Sweeney, a former cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” has reprised “Letting Go of God,” her 2004 one-woman show, at the Groundlings Theater. The comical and poignant saga of Sweeney’s loss of faith seems more prescient now against the backdrop of Muslim rioting over cartoon depictions of the prophet Muhammad, court battles over teaching “intelligent design” in schools and Hamas’ victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections. . . . During our conversation, Sweeney spoke appreciatively of her home parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, in Spokane, Wash. She likes the Catholic ritual and enjoys the community. But on a recent visit, she wondered what parishioners would make of her show. She was surprised by one’s reaction. “I loved it,” the woman whispered during Mass. “A lot of us agree with you, but here we are.”

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