Holocaust Conference in Tehran
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http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/Iran/pics/Dr Ahmadinejad.jpg
Who is this?  An unshaven lounge singer?  Why no, it's "Dr." Ahmadinejad, hell bent on crooning to the global arena about how the Nazi borne holocaust is nothing but a myth.  The same man who only a few years ago declared that he would like to see Israel wiped off the map.

And the same who is spearheading an international conference starting yesterday to get to the bottom once and for all as to whether or not the Nazi's exterminated all those people.


Prove it did not happen, Israel gets kicked out.

What else could he be thinking?  What other motivation could there be?  I enjoyed reading about how David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan mogul (they are still around?) was sitting front and center… getting writers cramp from taking copious notes… spittle forming on the corner of his mouth from rabid hatred…


Bendikt Frings, 48, a psychologist from Germany, said he believed that Mr. Ahmadinejad was “an honest, direct man.” He said he had come to the conference to thank the president for what he had initiated.

“We are forbidden to have such a conference in Germany,” he said. “All my childhood, we waited for something like this.”

Noggin, glad to be a humanist these days

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Next, maybe a conference denying the Koran was written by Allah

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The media coverage continues… having a field day with it too, apparantly!

Holocaust Denial Is No Joke
The Iranian Holocaust conference is sordid and cynical, but we must take it seriously. 
By Anne Applebaum
Posted Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006, at 12:24 AM ET


One of the favorite quotes from this write up:

...The guest list was selective: No one with any academic eminence, or indeed any scholarly credentials, was invited. One Palestinian scholar, Khaled Ksab Mahamid, was asked to come but was then barred because he holds an Israeli passport—and also perhaps because he, unlike other guests, believes that the Holocaust really did happen.


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[quote author=“MrMody”]Next, maybe a conference denying the Koran was written by Allah

who said it was written by Allah ??

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I wonder how many California schoolchildren, grades 1 - 12, know that during its first 50 years as a state, California conducted genocide against Native Americans?  The bounty on Indians - men, women, or children, started out at $0.25, but by 1860 had been increased to $5.00.  (see the subject in the Politics Forum, ‘Bounty Hunters and State Sponsered Terror’ where I’ve included some links.


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