Another installation in the "Reality 101" series .

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From the linked artilce…..

For many religious people, faith is the cornerstone of their lives and they work tirelessly to spread the word of the Lord. They believe that expressing their faith through proselytizing or missionary work is inherently good. They cannot possibly grasp how excruciating it is for unbelievers to endure their over zealous preaching.

To the unbeliever, the religious fanatic is simply a predator who struggles to fight off his own insecurity by trying to convert someone else. This isn’t a sign of confidence and conviction, it’s a sign of uncertainty, the type of uncertainty that naturally emerges from “not knowing”. Preaching merely demonstrates that someone is attached to their own opinions, not that they are “saintly” people. Most people judge others by the way they behave. The rest is just salesmanship.

Champ, does this remind you of anyone you know?