Gump Vs Jesus

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14 January 2007 17:43

I just watched "Forrest Gump" again.

I compared Forrest to Jesus and across the board, Jesus lost.

There is more love, compassion, wisdom and honesty in that movie than in the entirety of religion.

If for some reason all our stories were to be lost, and I could only save one, I'd save "Forrest Gump" instead of the Bible.

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14 January 2007 23:25

Forrest stood for goodness, through and through, while the teachings of Christ are unfortunately riddled with evil. Would Forrest have condoned slavery? Or said that we ought to love a make-believe character more than we love our own momma? Would Forrest make promises he could never keep? Would he urge the slaying of anyone who decided they didn’t accept Bubba-Gump shrimp as their savior? Put me down for Team Forrest. Plus a plate of shrimp, please.

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15 January 2007 03:06

Forest: 3
Jesus: 0

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15 January 2007 12:41

He was not a ‘smart’ man, but he knew what love is.  Yeah Forrest.  I’m glad Jenny finally came around.  What a great movie.  Jesus would have liked it. 
  Tom Hanks is in several of my favorite movies:  Joe vs. The Volcano, (with Meg Ryan);  Sleepless in Seattle (also with Meg Ryan); Big; I even kind of liked Cast Away.  And Saving Private Ryan.  Good stuff. 
    I also like the Princess Bride. 
    And Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray. 
    And the Sound of Music… and the Wizard of Oz…  Good stories all.  Every bit as good as the Bible.  And most of them, much less violent. know… thinking about that subject-violence in the various forms of media (print, film, tv, games, etc…) and the attempts to censor it… I think that the people who are interested in censoring violence and horror (and sexual depravity, for that matter)  should take a good look at the Old Testament.  << oooo….shiver!! >>  Definitely not PG-13 stuff…