Dems Abusive to Christians

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10 May 2005 10:12

"...I must say that the national Democratic Party's approach to Christians is analogous to an abusive husband in complete denial, seeking reconciliation when it suits his purposes, but otherwise engaged in a pattern of abuse."

This is an interesting article. A good read when you have time.

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10 May 2005 12:20

Champ, as usal, you fail to admit to the many abuses of Christianity first.
Wanting this Faith-base “reasoning” consigned to the perimeter of rational debate is not only reasonable, it is necessary.

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10 May 2005 14:21

I thought it might be a good idea to get some of the facts straight in that dishonest article Champ (almost wrote Chimp) points to:

“That’s why it’s almost humorous to read of a conference of secular liberals at the City College of New York called “Examining the Real Agenda of the Religious Far Right,” .... Do they really need conferences and issue papers telling them what is patently obvious: that parents are concerned about “morally corrosive forces in our culture”?”

Considering that one of the sponsors of this two day conference was the National Council of Churches, which last time I looked was a Christian organization, it’s not exactly honest to call it a conference of “secular liberals.” It was presented by the New York Open Center and CUNY Graduate Center, not City College.

There was an amazing array of presentations, including Karen Armstrong (who wrote the best seller ‘A History of God’ which is well worth reading), the secretary of the National Council, and a lot of other well-known authors and authorities on Christianity the Champ would never have heard of. I intended to go, but couldn’t get in because it sold out almost immediately. The attempt by the extreme Religious Right to usurp Christianity and call all other Christians “secular liberals” is quite alarming so this was extremely well attended.

Several of the presentations were on Dominionism. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. It’s the exact opposite of the teachings of Jesus and having a lot of influence in this administration. Bush as antiChrist.

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05 June 2005 06:11

‘Dems Abuse christians’.....

I feel the same way about ‘koran abuse’.  As far as I’m concerned, do humanity a favor and flush them all down the commode along with the bible. 

The problem isn’t the Democratic party’s ‘abuse’ of ‘christians’, but its wholesale capitulation to the same lunatic fringe that hijacked the Republican party in the late ‘70’s.

Long live progressive libertarians.