Koran Protests

Mark Starr
Mark Starr
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28 May 2005 17:48

Today the papers are filled with articles about Muslim demonstrations round the world protesting the alleged Koran desecration at Guantanamo.

In all the articles I read, I could not find one mention of anyone protesting the actions of the 17 Muslims who killed each other.

At a rally in Beirut organized by the Islamic group Hezbollah, thousands of Lebanese chanted, "America, listen, listen, with my blood I will protect my Koran," according to news reports.

In Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, a religious political party, led thousands of Muslims in a march through the city's boulevards. The U.S. admission "that its soldiers were disrespectful of the Koran is a much more serious offense than its invasion of Iraq," Qazi Hussain Ahman, the leader, said in a phone interview.

I think reactions like these might be informative to those who are waiting for Islam to modify one day the dogmas in the Koran that call for death for this and that.

Mark Starr

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03 June 2005 15:58

These are the actions of hysterical fanatics and should be given all the credibility of the rantings of someone on PCPs. But try telling that to the Politically Correct press. This is a religion, a foreign religion, a Third World foreign religion so we must all pay attention to their every utterance. Islam is their drug and they will give up anything for it and destroy anyone who gets in their way. It is so exhausting to watch this day after day and hear almost nobody express indignation about it, even the same people who rightly castigate Bush for his Christian Conservative predations. The hypocrisy the issue of religion engenders is truly mind-boggling.

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06 June 2005 07:09

I think its interesting that many American liberals want to impose seria law by prosecuting soldiers who may have put a koran in a toilet.

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03 July 2005 11:18

I’m liberal.  I repeat,

Who says Islam isn’t full of it either?  No hypocrisy.

Here’s a link to a skeptics view on ALL religious texts.

The Koran:


The Book of Mormon:


And Good’ll Jeebub’s book, the Bible:


Carefull, now we have officially outraged fundamentalist potential hotheads from four factions: Muslims, Mormons, General Christians, and Bush Conservatives. 

So I don’t believe people should be tortured.  And having the books they really love flushed down the toilet, after already having been tortured is just plain rude, especially if the book never really belonged to me in the first place.  I wouldn’t flush down anyone’s belongings.  Though I would flush a bible, or any other holy book I purchased, I owned, down a toilet.  But I see no benefit coming about from clogging the porcelain bowl up with more crap.

All I see in those countries is the same deluded nonsense from many here, only with a different religion.  Those countries are just not as fully developed, like many other now technologically developed countries in the past also used to be less tech involved, with just as extremist a lunatic bunch of christians inhabiting, and pushing craziness just the same.

Right now, it’s hard enough trying to defend democracy against theocrats, and oligarchs back home, without having to worry about promoting it in some other country which only cares about pushing more theocratic nonsense in their terms anyway.

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05 July 2005 06:36

rolleyes  Aside from assaulting the plumming, flushing ‘sacred’ books, flags, or pictures down the commode is only offensive to fools.

They’re just symbols.  They’re replacable, more’s the pity when it comes to things like bibles or korans.

If I were being ‘interrogated’ by someone who tried to ‘persuade’ me to talk by flusing a copy of the Constitution, a pentagram, a statue of Durga or Kali, or burning an American flag I’d be rolling on the floor laughing.  You can’t destroy an idea by attacking its symbol.