Radical Evolution

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22 July 2005 03:37

Psi - In looking back, I think I was the one who was a little rabid in my posts.  So all’s forgiven, eh?

I mostly agree w/ Psi regarding hybrid vigor.  I think human races are in some ways equivalent to dog breeds - same species, different appearances.  The “ingroup” breeding of dogs has led to (so-called) purebreds, which often have distinct, sharp characteristics (herding instincts, aggressiveness, etc) but also can result in dangerous inbred negative traits (hip dysplasia, etc)  Mixed breeds are a mixed bag; less distinct traits, but also fewer problems.  Of course, whatever selective pressures led to distinct human races are now all screwed up, by global travel and population migrations. 

I also agree regarding the education and reproductive rate issue.  Too early to tell, but it stands to reason that some traits/genes will decline relative to others, when one group reproduces more, and another less.  Whether this constituted “evolution” though is debatable, and I am NOT refering to any value judgements regarding the desirablity of educated vs. non-educated people in the population - I just think there will continue to be mixing between the groups, so the center won’t move much.

I do think genetic screening has the POTENTIAL to guide changes in the gene pool - but it would have to be adopted on a widespread scale that I think is unlikely in the near future, at least.

Oh and Cloudwalker, I’ve found it is best to ignore theChump.  Getting him to use logical thought is like trying to teach a gerbil to read.  Think of him as background noise, ignore and move on.

PS - Wonder how many kids HE has?  I think I read somewhere he has had like 4 wives, the latest of which he started dating while still married to the former wife.  So in a addition to being an idiot, he’s a hypocrite.  Plus, based on his number of posts, likely unemployed.

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22 July 2005 06:32

Speaking of disease pressures:

(appologies for the size of the link and its frustrating effect on text display)


Hard telling if it can be contained.  It’s unclear yet whether any human population possesses a natural immunity to this strain.