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03 April 2006 13:52

[quote author=“Mia”]-

Klangdon… to beat the dead horse…Their posts are not exactly riddled with pertinent counterpoint, ya know? 

I think ignoring two bible-thumpers is a pretty mild level of filtering. Once you’ve stepped in a pile of dog poop, doesn’t it make sense to avoid it the next time said poop crosses your path :? ?


Mia, you’re right.  Having just spent two days sailing, I look at my posts and ask, “WTF?”  Ignore anyone you like - especially those two.  I shouldn’t be giving lectures for sport.  Please forgive.

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03 April 2006 14:03

[quote author=“klangdon”]
Having just spent two days sailing…

I’m totally envious :?. I haven’t gotten fully immersed in nature in way too long. I really need to stop seeing this keyboard as the be-all end-all of life experience LOL  :oops:...


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03 April 2006 14:22

this is suposed to be fun….entertainment!

I don’t take it so seriously…..and I don’t care what or how other’s judge my posts.

Ignore who you bloody well like ...life is too short to hassle over something that ya can’t change.- the mind of a bibble believer…....especially not on a internet chatroom…

goodness…...get a life!.....*hehe* says she who need to get off my arse.

But ya right…after hearing so much crap coming from the christian angle…there is nothing new to it anyway…no new insights or views….

its regurgited over and over…......

why am I here? rolleyes

Ted Shepherd
Ted Shepherd
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20 May 2006 14:22

The ignore function works just fine for my purposes, although there is only one name on my ignore list. I do not regard any thoughts as “forbidden” but sometimes inane repetition wears out my patience. (I’ll bet that most or all of the regular posters here will know what one name is on my ignore list, based on what I just said.)