A Thought Experiment…

Traces Elk
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20 June 2007 03:42

Oops. I see we’re back to being able to post as Guest when replying to posts if not logged in. It used to tell me that I had to log in first if I tried to reply under those circumstances.

Everything at this joint is a thought experiment.

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20 June 2007 08:54

Salt Creek: Do you have anything except ridicule? Oh yeah, strawman arguments! How about trying one of those now?

Or, you could try actually presenting a real argument or discussion of what I have said, like something backed by some evidence. Like I keep saying, you got nothing.

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16 July 2007 17:14

[quote author=“Anonymous”]Has anyone else ever wondered if they were living in Groundhog Day?

We interpret our situation/experience by our knowledge/memories and by that interpretation direct our actions. (Imperfectly, of course; we are none of us impecable.)
In the next moment we encounter the consequences/entailments of our actions. Which, contextualized in that “next” moments surround, we interpret ... in the light of our past ... in anticipation of our future ... sculpted by the fractilinear array of forces in which we swim.

Golly shucks ...
... almost as though our motives, intention and aims “matter”!

p.s. google “bodhicitta” and ponder a very subtle entity responding to its environment according to its orientation.