How about a Philosophy section?

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08 August 2005 10:28

I was wondering if perhaps a section titled “philosophy” might be a good idea on this forum to add a little freshness to the discussions and debates. 

A separate discussion area would allow more direct inquires into certain philosophical, moral, and ethical issues without relying predominately on the section about religion and politics and allow others to express topics that normally are not encouraged on the “Politics” and “Christianity” section.

I only suggest this as some of the others section are becoming bogged down by the same issues and this is discouraging fresh topics.

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01 April 2007 10:39

I absolutely agree.  I was surprised to see that Sam, who’s earned a degree in philosophy, didn’t have a philosophy section in his forum. 

Plzy, mods/admins?


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02 April 2007 09:25

I agree.

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18 May 2007 17:55

I just noticed that I cannot delete the porn spam in the Philosophy forum. Has it always been like this?