God Outdoes Terrorists Yet Again (satire)

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11 September 2005 03:02

More superb investigative reporting from The Onion :
(You won't see these stories on FoxNews)

God Outdoes Terrorists Yet Again
  - Officials Uncertain Whether To Save Or Shoot Victims
  - Nation's Politicians Applaud Great Job They're Doing
  - Area Man Drives Food There His Goddamned Self
  - Bush: "It Has Been Brought To My Attention That There Was Recently A Bad Storm"

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12 September 2005 03:02

Or news from The Champion’s church Landover Baptist


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01 October 2005 16:53

Some people tend to think, sex and the weather are determined by god.  We should know, cause and effect do not depend on continual influence.  Once had…  the eternity is pregnant.  Yes, death does occure.  Evil is simply harm as you see it. 

If i ate a cow, it would see me as evil.  Way to go McDonalds.

I own flesh, and fear McDonalds.

Maybe i would feel better if a hurricane ate me!