And another one bites the dust (maybe)

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25 September 2005 00:54

The facts are certainly not all in, but it is looking like another good, moral, Christian may be going down!

The senate majority leader, and possible presidential candidate, Bill Frist is under investigation on two fronts for possible violations of his blind trust agreement, and rules of the SEC.

If these allegations are true, he could very easily do time.  What he allegedly did goes way, way beyond what Martha Mitchell was busted for.  Frist may have profited, not only from insider information, but also from potential legislation he was involved in!

Where the hell is that Christian moral code?

As I said, he is only under investigation, at this time.


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25 September 2005 13:11

That weasle will try every dirty trick in the book to avoid responsibility for his criminal behavior.  Just par for the course in this administration.

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26 September 2005 00:09

I used to work for HCA.

For profit healthcare, disgusting.

If you remember, HCA was investigated and fined for Medicare Fraud.


What Christian moral code?  Bill Frist is no Christian, and barely a Doctor.

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28 September 2005 22:04

It just points out once again the hypocracy of Christianity and religion.  Christianity is used as a moral merit badge to conceal misconduct and crime up to and including murder.

” Religion fails to inspire any morality in people and serves to make us unfriendly to one another”

—Benjamin Franklin