With a friend like God, who needs enemies?
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Another study refutes the “people/societies are better if they’re in with God” (or “we can’t be good without God”) nonsense religious believers are so fond of peddling


“We say, ‘Love your brother…’ We don’t say it really, but… Well we don’t literally say it. We don’t really, literally mean it. No, we don’t believe it either, but… But that message should be clear.”—David St. Hubbins

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Interesting article Byron. Thanks for posting it.
I think that the US policies many in the east complain about are directly related to the fact that they are based on god-belief, and fear of “evil, atheistic communism.”  US support of Suharto, the Indonesian leader who just died, was directly related to the massacres of hundreds? thousands? millions? of so-called “leftists” and “atheist communists”—who just happened to be the teachers, intellectuals, and farmers. This same irrational fear of communism coupled with irrational belief in a abrahamic god led to CIA and FBI siding with the “religious” over the “secular” would-be muslim leaders.
The religionists have had their turn at running the world and they ran it into a ditch. It’s time for them to EXIT stage right.


“Proving the efficacy of a methodology without defining the word ‘efficacy’ can come back to bite you in the assertion.”—Salt Creek

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