With a friend like God, who needs enemies?

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27 January 2008 18:12
isocratic infidel
isocratic infidel
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28 January 2008 08:51

Interesting article Byron. Thanks for posting it.
I think that the US policies many in the east complain about are directly related to the fact that they are based on god-belief, and fear of “evil, atheistic communism.”  US support of Suharto, the Indonesian leader who just died, was directly related to the massacres of hundreds? thousands? millions? of so-called “leftists” and “atheist communists”—who just happened to be the teachers, intellectuals, and farmers. This same irrational fear of communism coupled with irrational belief in a abrahamic god led to CIA and FBI siding with the “religious” over the “secular” would-be muslim leaders.
The religionists have had their turn at running the world and they ran it into a ditch. It’s time for them to EXIT stage right.