Speaking ill of the dead

Lapin Diabolique
Lapin Diabolique
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16 February 2008 14:44

It seems that about every month now some dickless scumbag, who feels that his mother didn’t hug him enough, takes out his provincial grievances on his (former) classmates and then, even more cowardly, to escape the consequences,  turns the gun on himself.

The media coverage is always identical.
“He was such a nice boy”.... “
“How could this have happened”
“What a tragedy”

Few people ever say: “What an asshole”.

Isn’t it blindingly obvious that all this little cocksucker wanted was his 15 minutes ?
Isn’t it also clear as day that to brand this turd as a ‘victim’ himself gives great inspiration to the copycats that have been sprouting up everywhere since Columbine ?

We should all take turns pissing on this guy’s grave for ruining dozens of lives instead of trying to find ( always unsuccessfully ) what great injustice or ailment has driven this poor soul to such extremes.

I have no problem at all with people checking out early if they want to.
There are even a number of people whom I wish I could convince to blow their own heads off, but those who think that indiscriminate murder is a proper way to throw a hissy fit deserve our collective scorn.

This nonsense of not speaking ill of the dead has some deadly consequences indeed.

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17 February 2008 04:26
Sander - 16 February 2008 07:44 PM

This nonsense of not speaking ill of the dead has some deadly consequences indeed.

It also explains the “rehabilitation” of Nixon.

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17 February 2008 07:39

It’s not just a school shooting thing, or even just a sniper/shooting thing, but for some reason people feel the need to pretend any such incident was a total surprise, when in fact, when the individuals are investigated after the fact, they typically find all sorts of warning signs, including violent histories. My guess is that people would rather feel like it’s a shock and the shooter (or whatever) seemed like an average Joe, or even a good person, than that they ignored things that might have prevented the incident if they’d been dealt with. We’re real big on blame.