Ark of the Covenant?

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23 February 2008 06:34

Time Magazine and the History channel are at it again.Here we have yet another example of wishful thinking masquerading as science.

Tudor Parfitt, the same man who supposedly proved that the African Lemba clan is one of the lost tribes of Israel, now claims to have discovered the Ark of the Covenant.

Let’s forget that this “holy” object is dated to 2,500 years after Moses, he really thinks that he’s got the remains of the “real historical ark.”

Read more about it here.

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10 March 2008 02:55

Thing about the Ark…not only did it disappear physically (if if ever existed in the first place), it disappeared from the Jewish saga as well. 
When the Israelites were exiled, they were allowed to take artifacts and objects of worship from the Temple, but there was no mention made of the Ark (in fact, there’s no mention of the Ark after Solomon placed it the inner room of his newly built Temple long before).  Nothing was said about taking it into exile, hiding it or if it was destroyed.
And when they were allowed to return and rebuild, again no mention is made of the Ark.  The inner room (Holy of Holies) of the new Temple was empty. 
What had been arguably the most important item in their religion—the very residence of their God and the repository of His Law—simply disappears from the story and is never mentioned again.

isocratic infidel
isocratic infidel
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10 March 2008 10:35

Reminds me of the shroud of turin, when in 2003, the vatican, decided that it needed preservation techniques to save it and in the process eliminated any possibility of further scientific study. Just goes to show the length and strategies religionists will use to preserve and propagate their myths and delusions.