paleontology as taught by christians

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19 November 2005 06:19

Here's a christian site attempting to teach children about dinosaurs. Most of the facts in the first few paragraphs are correct, but see what happens when they start to speculate about the growth of hatchlings to adults - facts are abandoned and then comes reference to Methuselah and Adam & Eve. This is science?


Here's that offending paragraph

"It probably took big dinosaurs a very long time to reach great size. Perhaps like the people before the Flood, dinosaurs also had long lives. One man, Methuselah, lived 969 years in those days of better health and environment. Adam and Eve were originally created with perfect hearts and eyes, perfect hearing and health—perfect bodies in every way. And so were the animals."

When you can weave your way from factual evidence to biblical nonsense in 5 paragraphs, it shows how dangerous to science this sort of christian-based learning can be.  Would a child of 5 or 6 be aware enough to pick out where truth ends and fiction begins?


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19 November 2005 07:48

The scariest part isn’t that they want to teach this crap in schools, the scariest part is that adults who believe this crap are running the country, and trying to run the world!

Just found this website, good for a laugh:


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19 November 2005 08:34

Guys, I just went to see Dr. Hugh Ross at a local church and I’m really sad after watching the spectacle. Try googling him if you haven’t heard of him before. Man, with his dog and pony pseudoscience show he had everybody there walking away thinking God had indeed wanted all of us to be Episcopalians. With a few facts and big words, and a whole lot of wild assumptions he proved Genesis, the flood, and even had everybody laughing at how ridiculous evolution had to be. The local pastor was way over his head, learning how fascinating the cosmos “cazz-mas” is. The post lecture questions were so ridiculous, you’d think they were planted. 500 people walked out thinking he’s a genius. Scientists as well as creationists have chewed this guy up and it doesn’t change a thing in his “show”.

I’m depressed. Later, Rod