I think that proves you can’t reason with them

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21 August 2009 17:09


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21 August 2009 23:13

They’d meet me half way, teuchter, but you’re not only an atheist but a lawyer to boot, so you’re S.O.L. (I’ll spot you the ‘lunatic’ stuff)

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22 August 2009 13:05

I’m going to go out on a limbaugh and predict that Switzer & Briggs will be on the Republican ticket in 2012.  If they win, Rush Limbaugh will be Secretary of State, Sarah Palin, Defense Secretary, Michael Savage, Homeland Security.  Saul Ohio as Secretary of the Interior will sell the National Parks to big oil.  10,000 acres in the center of Death Valley National Monument will be set aside for a concentration camp.  This camp will be designed to hold 58 percent of US voters - the 35 percent who voted for Obama, the 13 percent who voted for Oprah, and the 10 percent who voted for Ralph Nader. 

All illegal aliens will be deported, and crops will be harvested by the 10 percent who voted for Nader.  The fate of Obamites and Oprites is presently being settled in the Switzer & Briggs star chamber.

(Keep in mind, considering McCain’s age, how close we came to having Palin in the White House.  If big oil, or big somebody had put 100 million dollars into a TV blitz last September, Obama’s law-school smoking habits for example, they might have tipped the scales in favor of McCain/Palin.  We can see that kind of blitz now with healthcare reform.  There is a critical voting block that can be swayed by cunning propaganda).

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24 August 2009 05:42

They’re certainly immune to irony and self-awareness, that’s for sure.

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26 August 2009 18:09

Sad…so sad…

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TJ the Christian
TJ the Christian
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MHunter - 21 August 2009 09:09 PM


One sign by one church says something stupid therefore you cannot reason with Christians. This is logically incoherent. I wonder if I can reason with you.