New Sam Harris Debate, including Hitchens and Dennett!

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15 November 2009 11:47

Wow, this is big.

I’m writing this before watching. *grabs popcorn*

Jacob S.
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28 November 2009 17:29

I enjoyed hearing Hitchens…less so the others.

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31 December 2009 17:51

Wow, nearly 2 months and only 82 reads and 1 reply to this debate post. Frankly, I am quite dismayed. I agree though that Hitchins was the best of the bunch. Sam as always, stayed calm and focused, but a little bit too much “on message”, and did not devote enough time responding to some of the points made by the religious side of the debate. I had to laugh while watching one woman in the audience nodding her head in rapt agreement with Dinesh D’Souza while he was feeblely arguing about ‘The absense of evidence is evidence of absence” and applying it to a imaginary argument with an athiest on the possibility of life on other planets. I wish he were kidding, but he was serious. What an idiotic moment that was!

Oh well, time to go and entertain our guets for this evenings New Years festivities.

Happy new year everyone…

California, USA