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31 January 2005 06:32

Religion is believing in something, and everybody does that, even if its in nothing.

I've done my share.  Born a Catholic, considered priesthood, decided on nihilism, turned to "Born-Againism", became A-religious, turned to JWism (still am at this point but stagnant, studying "New-Agism" and recently ran across this site.

Here they say that "ism's" should become "wasm's".

You see at the age of 58, you would think that I'd have my life choices to rest on, but I don't!

Life is a very confusing event, for a person searching for the truth. 

Truth is, truth is very relative.  Relative to what you can accept.

I have been able to accept a lot, but it always leads to other questions, and its getting very frustrating.

I probably could present a relatevely good argument against all of these beliefs, but defending "my" belief against "theirs" just seems so futile for the remainding years of my life.

I have been leaning towards "Oneness".

Seems to sum it all up.

We are all individual parts of "the Whole".

The Whole wants to live, but needs the support of the parts.  Sort of like the human body.

Like the body, some parts are infirmed.  Does that mean I cut them off?  Not until they debilitate to a point of no return, and then that is the surgeons job.

Until then, I will do my best to produce the medicine that the body needs to heal.

I think that element is love, and that is what I determine to administer to the rest of "my" body and hope "I'll" come out Whole.

On second thought, maybe I do have my life choices to rest on!

"Rest in Peace" is a nice saying when your still alive.


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31 January 2005 07:46

We are all on a journey of some sort.  I would suggest “that which you are seeking is causing you to seek” by Sheri Huber, available on Amazon or at http://www.keep it, a Zen site.

Welcome to the journey!


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31 January 2005 14:59

A few thoughts from Peirce, Kierkegaard, Gadamer, and Wittgenstein via John Sheriff.

At the basis of all rationality is a non-rational act, a volitional choice.  The description, explanation, or interpretations are grounded in prior choices and commitments.  The grounds can be investigated…to infinity, yet at some point, questioning must come to an end in order for us to act.  At that point, we accept a certain ground (language game or use of language) and begin from there as rational human beings. This is Kierkegaard’s leap—not open to rational questioning.

Gadamer presses: there is undoubtedly no understanding that is free of all prejudices, however much the will of our knowledge must be directed towards escaping their thrall…the certainty…of scientific methods does not suffice to guarantee truth” (Gadamer, Truth and Method, 446).

Thus, subjectivity and relativism are inevitable, but this does not mean that there is not truth, but that truth is not outside and above time, place, and history; it does not mean there are no standards for truth, but that there are many (John Sherriff, The Fate of Meaning, 96).

Perhaps relevant to your quest or not.

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02 February 2005 15:35

Thanks Pete, Child for your responses.

Child, this statement “that truth is not outside and above time, place, and history” may be true, but it is not very satisfying in this present realm as far as I can tell.

It seems that these three factors have been altered by those who do so for their own aggrandizement at the expense of “the lessor”, whom they perceive as those whom do not meet their criteria.  “Man has dominated man, to his injury” is self-evident truth.
That does incorporate your 3 ingredients but..

How much of what we know today as public knowledge is true? 

For instance:  Are there beings from other planets that once played a major part in mankinds history?  What about now in our present day?  And how many powerful organizations are there that may hold information about this?

What about 9-11?  Has the public been told the truth?  Was it a band of renegades from the Middle East that were responsible?

What about taxes?  Have we been told the truth about that? http”// And Credit Cards, ect, ect the list goes on.

I know I’m a bit off subject, but that’s my point.
Life is so very complex and ruled by so much corruption, that it is almost impossible to know the truth.  But it is possible!

Jesus said that he was the truth.  Well, that may very well be, but that still leaves those questions above unanswered and I don’t think you can find the answer to them in the Bible.  I may be wrong but I just never saw them during my readings.

I rambled on enough for tonight, but those are some thoughts from my enigmatic mind.