Prem Rawat (a/k/a Maharaji a/k/a The Lord of the Universe!)

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23 April 2006 11:41

Hi all,

I'm a former follower of a cult leader named Prem Rawat who was or is also known as Maharaji but really known to be the Lord of the Universe by his followers.  Rawat might not have as much public attention as he did when he jumped onto the world stage in the early '70s as the teenage "Perfect Master" who promised to bring Peace on Earth in short order but he's still trapping and fleecing as many people as he can.

Here's a lnk to the main ex-follower (i.e. ex-premie) website:

You might find some of the discussions on the associated forum interesting.

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21 May 2006 16:40

I too am an ex-premie and after hearing an interview on the net with Sam Harris I discovered this site.  It would be interesting to hear your “experience”.  I posted on the ex-premie years ago.

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17 December 2006 04:40

I remember a movie from the latter 1960s with Bob Hope, in which part of the plot is that the teenager in the family gets involved with a cult similar to Maharaj Ji. It was very strange. 

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03 June 2007 10:49

Thanks so much for sharing this experience and website, 

I have now spent 2 hours at your link, ex premie, and have come away grateful and with new insights as to the human capacity for deception and gullibility we all carry with us.  It has been immensely freeing for me to spend time here.

If anyone else has a second, and has not seen this organization and its effect on human beings, look at the following video at about the 1:00 minute mark as the camera pans the crowd for a full ten seconds:

Did you see the shiny, happy people worshipping the guy?  Bouncing up and down with such enthusiasm.  Such belief.  Such conviction.  They think he is god.  I am almost certain I can say HE thinks he is god!!

Guru Maharaji says: ‘Life is like a chess game and very soon now the whole world will be checkmated’ and if America wants to know what is happening it must first understand the main thing that is happening, the Lord is on the planet, he’s in a human body and he’s about to usher in the greatest change in the history of human civilisation.

A theist should look at this video capturing human gullibility and stroke their chin very thoughtfully…  an inward glance at what they themselves believe is in order at that point.  Me? I am tickled.  I have a new cult to study.  I sincerely thought belief in the likes of Scientology was a wierd as it gets.

I don’t know what else to say, but thanks and also that I wish I would have clicked on your link a lot sooner.