God could stop all violence

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18 February 2012 07:30

If God is really an all powerful being, God could possess us whenever we started to become violent with each other and make it so we can’t pick up weapons or hit each other.  God could theoretically end all wars today.  God could give us all the teachings of the universe simultaneously in our brains and never allow us to harm each other. 

One curious thing about omniscience, is that being ignorant of something is a specific type of knowledge.  I don’t know much about neurology, and I know that I don’t know much about neurology.  I am in many ways ignorant of it and I know that I’m ignorant of it.  This is a very specific type of knowledge.  In order for God to at least have as much knowledge as I do, God would have to be ignorant of something like I’m ignorant of something.  In order to be all knowing, you have to also know that you don’t know something that can be known, otherwise you can’t be all knowing.  I call it the omniscience paradox.

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21 February 2012 08:59

But then we wouldn’t have free will, which we don’t have anyway smile  Or, being omnipotent, God could make us all Gods just like he is, 100% good and so forth!

This kind of imaginary brain spaghetti underlines one thing very boldly - you can’t answer a mystery with another mystery