Has religious faith EVER—demonstrably—led to real knowledge?
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After considering this question for years I have yet to encounter a single case of that happening in the entire history of mankind.

Of course since ‘proof’ by presenting just more faith wouldn’t be ‘demonstrable’ and lucky guesses wouldn’t count either, the question is a real pickle for the faithful.

This seems to be a fundamentally important question because: 1) If there were such a case it would show that faith can indeed be a valid path to rknowledge, and 2) If there is no case than faith-based claims to real knowledge can and probably should be hooted down as fatuous nonsense, it seems to me.

I wonder why rational proponents of science, fact, logic and common sense reasoning do not pose this question as a challenge more often—as a sort of ‘acid test’?


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I know that they did a double blind experiment to investigate whether patients who have people pray   for them get better faster, get better better , survive at higher rates etc etc etc. The answer was simple- no, no effect.

The fact that religionists never talk about this experiment- which they participated in eagerly-  should give you some confirmation that no, religion has basically never predicted anything that’s come true. Not that this bothers them- it’s just God testing their faith doncha know? Essentially they exist in a bullet proof environment wherein no matter what happens or why, it’s STILL proof of God’s existence.

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