MAPC's (stem cell research)

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23 February 2005 14:17

1. Is this an option (MAPC's) while awaiting funding for stem cell research?
(is funding available, already, for MAPC's?)

2. Are all posters, at this board, in favor of stem cell research?
(if not, why not)


A new study identifies a somatic stem cell that can "differentiate into pretty much everything that an embryonic stem cell can differentiate into."  Catherine Verfaillie of the University of Minnesota found these cells in the bone marrow of adults and dubbed them multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs).  The study claims that MAPCs have the same potential as embryonic stem cells.  These cells seem to grow indefinitely in a culture, as do embryonic stem cells.  Encouragingly, unlike embryonic stem cells, MAPCs do not seem to form cancerous masses if you inject them into adults.

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23 February 2005 14:25

1.  Not qualified to render an opinion, I know we have posters who are.

2.  Unqualified yes.


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13 April 2005 13:54

From what Ive read thus far, adult stem cells have the upper hand. Maybe in a few decades, embryonic stem cells will have promise. That is why I support our resources going towards ADCs.