Why call it 'new age'?

Thomas Orr
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10 June 2006 14:48

[quote author=“The Champion”]By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter; Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.

Negative. If Moses is to be understood in your post as a symbol of Christians like you it seems to me that you are kidding yourself. You guys do not align yourself with the people of God but with the daughters of Pharaoh. Aligning yourself with the people of God would be to fight for the social justice (as Hugo Chavez pointed out). You guys shamelessly side with the most brutal and unfair political system today, the liberal capitalism, and for what? For the worldly goal of gaining some political influence. Where is your heroic path to salvation, Champion? I don’t see it.

[quote author=“The Champion”]Because, and this GOES FOR ALL OF YOU….I gently tell you as best that I can, Jesus is Lord, he’s coming again, salvation is a free gift, I beg you to reach out and take it, take it now while you can.

Salvation a free gift? You insult my intelligence, Champion. I’ve never seen so many strings attached to anything as the strings attached to the Christian salvation. Do you know Chase Manhattan bank? They employ a very highly paid consultant who designs the most tricky ways of luring uninformed into 0% rate credit card loan only to force into permanent debth those who can afford it the least. Once you miscalculate or make a mistake the rate goes up to 31% and they suck all the blood out of you. However, compared to Christianity the predatory banks are amateurs. There is no free service, or a gift, in any of the Christian churches I know of either. It is all shameless commerce.

[quote author=“The Champion”]Thomas, why yes, you are winning the culture war! Congratulations. Course, that’s to be expected. The path to destruction is wide and many are on it, the path to life is narrow and few are on it. Enter through the narrow gate.

Demonstrate some consistency, Champion. You gloat about any real or illusionary victory of the Christians and Conservatives in the media (your posts devoted to such topics are too many to quote) and now you dismiss the cultureal loss as irrelevant? Of all the things in the ideological dispute I would think the cultural superiority is what count mosts. Didn’t Jesus say that we will distinguish between good and bad by their “fruits”? To me, it seems that the superiority of one’s teachings and actions must be self-evident. So, the smokescreen of condemnations and threats when logic fails must be highly suspicious if one is to apply the teaching of Jesus Christ. So far, Champion, this is all you can demonstrate - logical failure and the frustrated smokescreen of threats. After 20+ years I have lived in this country I know exactly what to think about mail or email solicitation promising me savings, cure for all imaginable diseases, proven strategies to win lottery, pick the winning security in the stock market or become a millionarie working part time from home. Are you different, Champion, in this department. Would you buy an Aladdin’s lamp through mail order? (I swear I got an offer to buy one) So why do you think the Christian offer is any different from all those other offers? In commerce and religion you deal with the same people motivated by the same greed. Really, if you just step back and look at this with a cool head you will see that all religious schemes, including Christianity, are as transparent and illogical as those other schemes.

Champ, you still have time to say good bye to all the nonsense you’ve been following and become free.

Thomas Orr - Przemek

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11 June 2006 04:46

here here!  I second Thomas Orr’s motion that salvation is NOT a free gift!

Anyone who wants to believe that it is “free” needs to come over to my house and let me give them some of my “free” gifts.  I’ve got plenty!  Come one come all!  “Free” gifts at Noggin’s house.

If I get 3 or 4 to show up I’ll give them a shiny neat looking trinket to take home, BUT, for the rest of their lives they will have to show up at my house every day and serve me and when they are away from my house they have to go out to all their friends and families and tell everyone how wonderful I am for letting them serve me, cook for me, clean my house and give me 10% of their hard earned cash.

In FACT, that’s the whole deal right there!  They are required to recruit even more people to come serve me and give me money!

It’s ingeniously the most expensive gift (For he who happens to be the recipient) ever given!