Universism—Buyer Beware
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A year and a half ago, I bought "The End of Faith" the week it was published and found myself agreeing with every word Sam Harris wrote and signed up on this website. A few months later, I learned that Sam would jointly sponsor a message board called the Faithless Forum, with a group that was then known as United Universists and later became the Universist Movement. This group was founded by an energetic medical student named Ford Vox.

The board which was composed of atheists, agnostics and deists was lively, and I soon became very active on it. But last summer, I began to have some very deep misgivings about Ford Vox (aka Ford Baxter) and his group. I soon learned that Sam Harris had stopped his association with the Universists although they continued to promote the link. I gradually stopped participating and officially quit Universism in the fall. 

Since that time, Universism has received a good deal of publicity, including a front page article in the Los Angeles Times and a five minute segment on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. But the media which portrayed Universism as the Seinfeld of Religions missed the real story—Universism is nothing but a scam.

The group has since disbanded. But Ford Vox has already announced his intention to form a new group called the Univerist Foundation. I sincerely urge anyone who is thinking of joining this group not to do so.

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Welcome back, Nancynancy, I always wondered where you went.  Sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for.




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