Rick Perry

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11 August 2011 10:43

I just watched a You Tube video of Republican Presidential Front-Runner Rick Perry, conducting political pep rally and religious revival, praying to the “Lord Jesus Christ” for the sins of America. 

Not only does he believe that Jesus was a real human being, a deity walking upon the earth two millennia ago, but he believe Jesus is STILL alive and well, hovering around somewhere within hearing distance but just beyond our human abilities to perceive ... and intricately concerned with the state of American politics and taxation and our stock market and the “sins of America” ... and the need to replace President Obama as our political and spiritual leader.

Ten years ago, when it was Pat Robertson, I felt reasonably confident that Robertson had zero chance of succeeding, that the religious right would remain a fringe political movement, always embarrassed and exposed in the open market place of ideas and rational discourse.  Now, I just don’t know.  With the help of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin and FOX talking heads and the well-funded misinformation campaigns, the religious right has come a very long way in a very short time.

How much longer do we have until America is governed by the Christian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

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11 August 2011 12:05

I’m not going to tell you not to be concerned, but I can tell you that, having lived in some of the reddest states in America, they were always here.

That religulosity (thank you Bill, xoxo) is something i compare to racism in this country.  Is it better to imagine that it’s diminishing while it broods under the surface, or to be able to see it and deal directly with it?