Sam's Recommended Reading List

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10 February 2005 04:45

Ideally, (for me at least), it would be topical (reading material on X, reading material on Y ... ), with an emphasis on Eastern ideologies (I'm personally most curious about Taoism).



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22 April 2006 13:03

I had just wanted to know if a god existed. I new about evolution when Iwas 10.I did not know about theistic evolution.At 16, I read Nathaniel Branden’S existence is passage[It is now in Stein’s anthology on atheism.]. I still wondered had to read and ponder for 42 years on athiesm.Now I blog every where in favor of atheism/naturalism. I still do not care to discuss religion with anyone otherwise. I never had any regrets about being a believer in reality,not mumbo-jumbo.  I never had thought I needed a god.It was just to know.I never needed an after life. Wha t is fortunate ,although I have a schyzotypal personality disorder,supposed to have weird ideas,I not only deny a god ,but the paranormal.