My theory on god and religion (thoughts or criticism is welcomed)

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Yes, I am new to this site and this is my first post. However, I would really like to get someones opinion on the thoughts i’ve been having about God and religion. I tend to skip around and may not be 100% accurate in everything I say, but bear with me lol (and please have an open mind as this is mostly theory and thoughts). 

I never really questioned why my family and I went to church when I was young or what we learned about while we were there, it was just what we did on Sunday morning. Recently I have started to question things, and after seeing videos about Athiesm (Sam Harris, Hitchens, etc) my beliefs are starting to change even more (they both make a ton of good points).

I think the biggest argument against religion, and that it is man-made, is that there are so many of them. If I grew up in the Middle East instead of America, I would be a Muslim and heading straight to hell according to the Christian belief. I don’t think a loving God would condemn a man for being subjected to the “wrong” religion just because he grew up in a different culture.

Moving on, I still believe that there is a “being” named God out there somewhere and that he had a son named Jesus who walked on this Earth. But I believe they exist in the same way that you and I exist. For example, you have a father just like Jesus had God, and your dad had a son (you) just like God had Jesus (assuming you are a guy of course).

Here is where you may think I am crazy (if you don’t already lol), but please read on with an open mind. I honestly think that God was an “alien” being, who was from a far more advanced civilization than ours. Perhaps he was their leader much like we have a president here in America. I think he used artificial insemination to get Mary pregnant (hence the virgin birth), and that Jesus in turn had some DNA of his advanced race. This could explain for the so called miracles that were recorded back then (healing by a touch, turning water to wine, Jesus dying and coming back to life, etc). Maybe their advanced technology in medicine could do this?

I also think that the 10 commandments were simply guidelines given to the people (from Jesus/God) that would help them as a society. Jesus observed some of the problems of that time, and made a list in which to follow that would help them out.

Now this is where religion comes into play. I think the bible and other religious texts are just people of that time recording and interpreting things they did not understand. Over time those texts were changed and modified according to the beliefs of different cultures, and that is why we have so many different religions today.

This is also why I think the government denies the existence of “aliens”. If what I said above was true, just imagine the mass hysteria that would ensue across the world. People being told that their god is not what we have made him out to be, but that he is an alien being.

Anyway, these are just of some of my thoughts. I hope you can give feedback on why you think these could or could not be true, inestad of just calling me crazy or saying “I don’t believe in it”. Thanks.

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Forgot to add this too:

Assuming that God & Jesus are from an advanced alien race, you could also explain the story of Noah’s Ark. The bible says 2 of each animal (male/female) was loaded onto the arc. Now we all know you couldn’t logically fit every species on a boat….........but what if that boat was a gene bank? A far advanced race could have this and could have used it on a boat to transport the animals. And since every “known” animal was loaded on the boat, perhaps the people didn’t know of EVERY animal on the earth. Maybe there weren’t that many “known” animals?

Also, do you remember the game you played as a kid where you get in a circle and tell the person to your right a sentence? And that person tells the person next to him until the sentence gets back to the original person? In every case i’ve seen the final sentence is almost completely different than the original sentence. Imagine the original bible being told this same way by thousands of people over thousands of years, instead of a few people over the course of 5 minutes.

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What is the best evidence that you have for these beliefs?

Without evidence, this is a story much like Spider-Man or the Mabinogion.  Fiction, great fiction I’m sure, but a poor basis for beliefs.

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