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No human can answer the nagging questions that have haunted the human mind since the sense of self emerged.
“Who am I?”
“Does my life have a purpose?”
“What happens when I die?”
In these matters, no one knows, or can know, anything.
There are no enlightened persons.
There are only human brains that have apperceived the
essential emptiness of their own accumulated knowledge.
Some brains it seems are wired to see through the consensus conceptual overlay and
spend their short time in manifestation gazing out at an ever emerging mystery with baby eyes.
They have become awareness itself.
They wander through their own dream…........amazed.


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Time to shed some light on the never-ending conflict between science and mysticism before this thread floats away…

http://www.humanists.net/pdhutcheon/humanist articles/Mysticism.htm

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