Letter from a Christian Citizen

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09 May 2008 12:25

Thank you your very nice comments.  I cannot stress enough the influence television has on our kids.  They seem to grow up with a demand for toys rather than for the love of the family.  We often visited the major art museums during the holidays and we had access to all the best in Los Angeles.  We studied the Easter time as it was done long ago.  We saw how the artists painted the crucifixion, the assension and the resurrection.  It was the story of Jesus and that is how the Christians celebrated this.  However we also did the Passover and all Jewish ceremonies.  Seeing this done in art made it more real than reading the bible.  Beethoven was born on December 15th and we gave a formal dinner party in celebration that became a yearly event.  We decorated for all the holidays including all the faiths that used December.  But we put a ton of effort in Beethoven’s birthday.  We did more decorating and celebrating than all the Christians who lived at the foot of our mountain.  Remember I come from Hollywood and we did it as if C.B. DeMille was going to visit us. 

We had the spirit of the seasons without hell and damnation.

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10 May 2008 05:38
Sandy - 09 May 2008 02:38 PM

Beam.  I opened the world choices for my kids.  They wrote what was right and wrong.  I issued no mandates.  By the time they went off to college I trusted them completely to do the right thing.  My God, they went to Berkeley!  They were surrounded with many gurus like Charlie Manson.  I warned them about these gurus and how many young girls followed them when looked and dressed like Jesus Christ.  Several of their friends went off campus and were never seen again.  All Christian kids.

My older girl was street smart but the younger one never took her nose out of a book.  They both made it!  They are both professional women married to professional men and their lives are full of joy.

We sincerely need more parents like you. If so, our world would be vast, vastly improved.