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Copy these onto a mix cassette tape, pop the aforementioned tape into your boom box, put on your ripped acid-washed jeans and Starter jacket, comb your mane of big hair…..and let’s rock.

The Scorpions aspire to rock you like a hurricane:

Motley Crue invites you to take a ride on the wild side:

Twisted Sister would like to rock as well:

Listen in awe and you’ll hear Ozzy Osbourne bark at the moon:

Dokken has a dream:

Here Whitesnake goes again (I wish Tawny would dance on the hood of MY car):

Ratt likens falling in love to being struck by lightning:

Quiet Riot praises the wild and the young (IMO, anyone under forty):

Skid Row echoes the above sentiments about us youth gone wild:

And now I’ve got to go. I’m headed down to Panama to party with Dave, Eddie, Alex, and Mike (from Van Halen):

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