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The Archbishop of Canterbury is partially right.
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Immediate Suppression - 17 January 2009 05:01 AM

The biggest threat to America, and the human race for that matter, is the human race itself.  There are too many of us, causing too much damage in too many ways.  And usually not in the name of religion.  Usually in the name of “progress.”

I’m lost, here.  What threat is posed to America in the name of “progress?”  I see war profiteers, mining companies, hedge fund managers, dog food importers, big box retailers, investment bankers, insurance executives and other billionaires treating this country like a joint of beef at a medieval feast.  None of them have trashed this country in the name of progress; all have done so in the name of profits and exaltation of the “free market.”

I won’t disagree with you that those are all bad influences.  I guess by progress, I was talking about how the human race continually grows and consumes the resources of the earth to support that growth in an unsustainable, unhealthy manner, and yet this growth is rarely questioned.  When a family has their 4th child, it is generally celebrated by humans, nobody asks the parents: “oh, the human race is overpopulating the earth and we’re running out of resources, are you sure it was a good idea to have another child?”  And this is generally true of most human activities involving expansion of the species.  If you don’t think that the the human race is a problem, and a threat to itself, we can agree to disagree.  The billionaire’s and the free market are an easy target, especially these days.  But those billionaire’s war profiteers and investment bankers are people themselves, not just influences.

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USA sucks big time, sticking its nose into other countries’ business which never presented any real threat to the country.
There’s high probability that this parking planes in buildings was arranged by secret services of USA itself, religion was just a power play
Of course you can only convince a religious maniac that the best use of his time is flying planes into buildings, but these religious maniacs were only taken advantage of
Nobody cries over people killed by Americans in Vietnam, but when those 2 WTC towers went down everybody has to cry
I do feel compassion towards relatives of people killed in the terrorist attack, but I think they should have a second thought about what really caused the attack


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