Sam Harris Believes in God
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In this 10-18-2010 article the Newsweek magazine reporter Lisa Miller, who labels Sam Harris “a hyperrational polemicist”, wrote:

Harris places reason at the apex of human abilities and achievement, but he concedes that there’s much that humans may never empirically know—like what happens after death. “Mystery,” he wrote in the concluding chapter of The End of Faith, published in 2004, “is ineradicable from our circumstance, because however much we know, it seems like there will always be brute facts that we cannot account for but which we must rely on to explain everything else.”

Does Sam Harris consider “what happens after death” to be a mystery?  Or is that Newsweek reporter irresponsibly mis-attributing to Mr. Harris an opinion that he doesn’t hold?  Has Sam Harris ever himself expressed the view that what happens after death is not empirically known or is a mystery?

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